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 Forum Rules

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Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeFri 30 Sep 2011 - 21:57

These rules apply to all sections of the forum, including private messages, user titles, signatures, profile comments, group names & descriptions, thread tags, and reputation comments.

These rules are in conjunction with the Clan CAOS Forum Terms of Service.

1 - Don't use vulgar language or racial remarks on the forum.
Please don't swear or make any vulgar or racial remarks. This also includes using vulgar language or racial remarks made directly towards another member of the forum. This includes using words, videos, images and other media to be vulgar or racist in any way. Here at CAOS, we allow you to swear - but to an extent. If you use excessive vulgar language, this rule will be enforced.
Breaking this rule will get an infraction or ban placed on your account depending on the situation.

2 - Don't create spam or multiple(double) posts.
Spam or multiple posts are not tolerated on the forum, other than in the spam forum. Spam posts include one word replies, posts with no relevance to the topic and general lack of knowledge. This also includes using icons, spaces, fullstops, characters and smilies to avoid the word limit.
Posting twice, thrice or more in a row will cause your posts to be merged and a warning issued to you. Use the edit button, instead of multiple posting.
Breaking this rule will get an your posts edited, repeat offenders will get warnings added to their accounts, followed by infractions.

3 - Don't use Hate Speech directly towards another user.
Please don't express your hatred towards another member, whether it be via private message, profile comments, posts, or any other method of contact on the forum. This also includes creating groups or tagging your threads with phrases which express hate, or harassment towards another member.
Breaking this rule will get an infraction placed on your account.

4 - Selling goods for real life money.
We take no responsibility for anyone who is buying or selling any goods on the forum for real life money - this is done at your own risk, and we don't recommend it. However, you are allowed to trade in the specified section(s).
Breaking this rule will result in a warning.

5 - Account sharing is forbidden.
Sharing your forum account with another user of the forum to obtain a coloured username, access private forums, avoid bans or for any other purpose is forbidden.
Breaking this rule will get a 7 day ban placed on your account.

6 - Do not use/edit Staff BBCode.
Please do not use any moderator's or forum management commands/BBCode anywhere on CAOS. We also ask for you not to change them. If a moderator/administrator posts a message on your post for a reason you are forbid to change/remove the message.
Breaking this rule will get an infraction placed on your account.

7- No inappropriate naming of groups/tagging of threads.
Please don't tag your threads or create groups with any inappropriate words or phrases included.
Breaking this rule will get the group deleted/tag removed, and an infraction placed on your account.

8 - Do not ask for / offer to give-away 'Thanks' freely.
'Thanks' is to be earned, so don't ask other users for thanks, or offer to give-away reputation to several users in "thanks give-aways".
Breaking this rule will get a warning placed on your account and your post removed.

9 - No sexual/inappropriate discussion anywhere on the forum.
we do not allow members to discuss any sexual acts or any sort of discussion of that sort. Breaking this rule will result in an IP ban.

10 - No more than 5 images in your signature.
Members are allowed images in their signature, but members who abuse this and place large or misleading images in their signatures will be warned or an infraction issued.
Breaking this rule will get the image removed from your signature & a warning on your account.

11 - No YouTube videos in signatures.
We do not allow members to have YouTube videos in their signatures for various reasons.
Breaking this rule will get a warning placed on your account.

12 - Don't post threads against Administrators or Moderators actions.
Please do not create threads to reverse actions against our Moderation, Management and Administration team, as this is not tolerated on the forum. The moderator/administrator who made the action will make the decision - and this decision is final, unless reversed by a Manager. Please do not get other members of the forum involved or create hatred threads against staff. This includes creating threads to criticise an Administrators or Moderators decision.

13 - Posting to provoke / fuel an argument.
As we'd like to keep the community at ease, rather than have a whole guns blazing atmosphere on the forum, we don't approve of posts which are specificity targeted at another user with intent to create/provoke or fuel/continue an argument.
Breaking this rule will get an infraction placed on your account, repeat offenders will be banned.

14 - No thread bumping.
We are an active community, therefore we ask that you do not bump threads that are older than one month. However, stickied threads are an exception to this rule.
Breaking this rule will get an infraction placed on your account, repeat offenders will be banned.

16 - Do not create/use other accounts whilst banned.
Creating/using (an)other account(s) whilst banned is not allowed as this will result in you being able to gain access to the forum when you are not permitted to do so. This rule also applies to probation.
Breaking this rule will get a ban added to your other account(s) and will result in an extension to your original ban.

17 - Do not troll the forum
You are not permitted to create an account on the forum for the purpose of trolling nor decide to start trolling the forum. Trolling is where a user makes derogatory, rude and unnecessary remarks on most of their posts and only created/uses an account on the forum for the purpose of being rude to others in the community.
Breaking this rule will result in an infraction, probation then a permanent ban.

19 - Do Not Make Multiple Accounts
The Clan CAOS Forum doesn't allow you to make more than one account in any circumstance. This includes making accounts when banned, making accounts to apply for staff when infractions are still in place on the user account and making accounts for more forum credits.
Breaking this rule will result in permanent bans added to all of your accounts.

20 - Do not spam/shout
At the forum, spamming a message multiple times is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the shoutbox, profile comments, threads and posts.Breaking this rule will result in a warning the first time around, and then infractions or bans issued to your account if you continue.

21 - Posting in Reports/Unban Request without information
Users who are not the Thread Starter should NOT reply to a thread without valuable information for/against a user. This will result in a infraction and maybe having your posts and threads await moderation before being actually posted on the Clan CAOS Forum

22 - Reports/Unbans
No commenting in reports/unban sections unless you are a moderator or have screenshots or videos.

23 - Staff Abuse
Do not abuse Staff Members. This includes harassment, etc. Results in a ban issued by the Staff Member's choice.

24 - Abusing other Members
Do not abuse other members. Such as, replying to their topic with hate, abuse, etc. which will provoke an argument. Results in a warning, then ban issued by the staff member at the time.

Remember, this rules and regulations are in place to keep you, and the forum safe - so please abide by them.



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Forum Rules
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