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 Clearing up a few misconceptions..

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Technical Administrator

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PostSubject: Clearing up a few misconceptions..   Thu 2 Aug 2012 - 16:40


A recent clan member came to me personally saying that he didn't want to get kicked out of CAOS when we reached level 30, etc.
I am posting this to clear things up, you will never get kicked out of the clan except if you break one of our rules.
I believe this was started by cougars90, in a game lobby - and it's not true. We're a clan, which means - we band together to get the tasks done, efficiently and quickly.

Without you guys, we wouldn't be where we are today - successful and thriving.

Another thing to not worry about is getting kicked from the clan, I'm the only Elite Leader. No one else is, not even Hagan or Imorwmen - so do not worry about getting removed.

This is another sole reason cougars90 is no longer a Co-Founder.

In other news, I plan to roll out a whole new set of staff positions today. The forum may close for maintenance in the mean time.

- Zerotheheroe

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Tenebrosi Angelus
Tenebrosi Angelus

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PostSubject: Re: Clearing up a few misconceptions..   Thu 2 Aug 2012 - 16:50

i see, well i hope to see how it woks out


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Clearing up a few misconceptions..
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